Opinion From our Employers

Opinion From our Employers

Semih Mehmet UÇAR
Vice General Director

When we consider how rare it is for a company in our country to celebrate its 30th year in its sector and how difficult it is to have made it to the 30th year, I believe I will have then explained what a strong, respectful and rooted company BATUSAN A.Ş. is.

In this company where I have spent incessant 10 years, I feel lucky to have worked in an innovative and warm environment where the management and employers work as a team in co-operation. I am proud to be serving this company that is pioneering its sector .


Factory Manager

The long-serving employers of BATUSAN, which begun business with the motto “We are Family”, are excited about every new product manufactured. We are a company that aims to all for one. There is great communication between everyone in the family, including the highest ranking managers to blue-collared workers. I believe BATUSAN will have the strength and determination to beat the competition brought about by globalism, as I have not once encountered a obstacle since 1978. During the following years, determined steps will be taken and the smiles on the faces will remain .


Director of Accountancy

Having begun its manufacturing in 1978, BATUSAN A.Ş. has taken customer satisfaction and production-that-serves-its-purpose as basis for success after completing its 30th year of knowledge-accumulation. With the team work approach of its employers and their active participation in all processes of production, the company became one of the leading institutions in its sector .

I, as an employer for 24 years, am honored to be part of such a great hope, dream an philosophy .


Mehmet Ayhan KARADENİZ
Director of Sales

Batusan is a huge family. This family consists of individuals who follow the technological, social and managerial developments closely, who are aware that employer satisfaction is directly linked to customer satisfaction and who share and create values. And our greatest advantage is that we have been working together for many years, constituting a bone-like structure. During the 10 years I have spent with this family, I have learned to crave for learning more. That one should not be afraid to try and lose, and that hard work was equally important as innate intelligence. I learned that there was so much left to learn. I learned to enjoy to ask questions, to experiment and test things and above all how important it was to have a job that you actually enjoyed and to be happy at your work place .